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About Mallea

Doing things differently

With years of expertise and experience in the construction industry, the Mallea Solutions team prides itself on helping to improve the way workers do things today. Every decision we make is in line with our core mission of providing high quality safety products. Thus, we guarantee a highly personalized service that meets our customers' expectations.

Company values


Our goal is to be transparent with our customers and suppliers. We are also interested in our customers' opinions, which is why we frequently follow up with them to evaluate their level of satisfaction with our products. In this sense, our goal is to create a climate of commitment, cooperation, collaboration and innovation.


We are committed to building trust with our customers by being transparent and ensuring a personalized experience that meets their expectations.


Our experience and know-how in the construction industry has led us to find highly effective solutions and methods to meet the expectations of customers and workers. Our product, the SafetyJack, is our guarantee of innovation in the industry.


We stand by our commitments, which is why we are committed to delivering what has been promised at all times. Our passion, experience and knowledge in the construction industry allow us to deliver a high quality product and service.


Étienne Joyal Tremblay
Etienne Joyal-Tremblay


With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry as a surveyor and foreman, Étienne is responsible for research and development, design and technical creation, and production.

Cedrick Benoit

Sales manager

Our clients

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