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Mallea innovates in the field of industrial construction with the SafetyJack, a device for stabilizing and securing props. Its flexible yet dense material adapts to different conditions of use to meet the most stringent construction site standards. In addition, its original design facilitates installation and makes it an ally of choice.


  • Saves time during props installation (installation without hammering)

  • Savings in material expenses.
    (less replacement of jacks, pieces of wood, nails, wooden beams)

  • Reduces accidents on the construction site (savings on CNESST premiums)


  • Easy to install

  • Greatly reduces the risk of injury when installing props

  • Reduced risk of injury (e.g., metal splinters in the eyes, musculoskeletal injuries, etc.)

  • Greatly reduces the risk of falling props

  • Reduces noise (decibels) on the construction site

Benefits and SafetyJack installation steps

Explanatory video showing the SafetyJack advantages and its installation steps.

Technical sheet

Image de Scott Graham


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